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All About Me

All About Me - Hi I'm Jade and I've been stealing oxygen since '05

I'm a new Blogger and my first ever Blog Post is All About Me.

I am from South Africa, and NO there are no lions roaming the streets

I live in the big city of Pretoria. Just like any other teenager my life is full of highs, lows and drama.

"Hustle, Hit and Never Quit" is my motto since I love hockey! Me and my friends play it all the time and trust me I'm not overreacting, we really do.

If you've watch my Channel before you probably already know Monique and Lana. I'm so grateful to have the amazing friends that I do. We also hang out with Eone and Cassidy.

Cassidy is also one of my very best friends and even though she moved away last year we still stay in contact with each other.

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So come and join me on my Wonderful Journey through Life...


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