#02 | Daily Dose of Inspiration | Have Hope

Hey Guys, Jade here

Today's message of Inspiration is to tell you that even in your darkest days there will be a ray of sunlight and that you must always Have hope.

I just want to let you know if your reading this that there is hope, just think about it even a star can't shine if there is never darkness. That means that you cannot and will not have good times if not for the bad times. Everyone goes through bad times but the bad times are what make us stronger. I've had some bad times too, for example when my parents were getting a divorce but even that didn't stay bad forever. They say that time heals and I truly believe that it does. I used to be very upset that my parents weren't together but know I realize that it's for the best. So today no matter what your crisis is I promise it will get better!

So whenever you're feeling down remember this saying:

                                                                               H - Hold

                                                                               O - On,

                                                                               P - Problems

                                                                               E - End

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So that’s today’s Daily Dose of Inspiration thanks for reading, I hope it made you realize that with every dark cloud there will always be a silver lining...


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