#04 | Daily Dose of Inspiration | Friendship

Hey Guys, Jade Here today’s Inspiration is about Friendship -

Laws of our Friendship -

Friendship1 Million,


10 thousand,

Inside Jokes

1 Hundred,

Shared Secrets

1 Reason,

Best Friends

Today I'm here to remind you how important Friendship is. Everyone needs a friend to guide them through their darkest times. I for one can't even begin to imagine a life without my friends. We've truly known each other for quite some time. I actually think that I might have been quite normal before I met them. I've known Monique for over 9 years and Lana for 4 years. Eone I only met recently though but we have also known each other for a year now. I love my friends and wouldn’t trade them for the world!

Well I'm off to Lana's House known!

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