#06 | Daily Dose of Inspiration | Knowing your Journey….

Sometimes knowing your journey in life can be hard. Sometimes it can be strange and hard to figure out

Some people just wake up one day knowing their Journey. Some people just wake up one day and know what they want to be. Others have known their whole lives what they want to be. Well me on the other hand, that’s more difficult…Knowing your Journey

When I was little I always dreamed of being a designer and making beautiful dresses and accessories, but I soon discovered that drawing wasn’t exactly my strong point and that I would probably never be the next Picasso or Leonardo da Vinci.

But I soon discovered other interests of mine like playing Hockey and Blogging. I love writing on my Blog and now know another one of my passions!

Sometimes your Journey may not be clear (mine sure isn’t) ,but it helps to take it one step at a time…

Every step you take and every move you make defines you, you’re future and you’re Journey. You don’t have to have you’re Journey all planned out. You just have to make the right choices. Start today and make every step the right one into the direction of an amazing and successful Journey…



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