How to Survive High School #01

Superpowers. Naturally, the easiest way to survive high school would be to gain supernatural abilities beyond those of mortal beings… But for those of us who aren’t superheroes, here are some tips on how to survive high school the boring (human) way. ]

1 – Don’t skip the freshman orientation.

Even though it may be easy to think that you already know enough to skip freshman orientation, do not be fooled! Orientation is one of the most important events in your high school career. In orientation, they will most likely notify you on where your classes are, how to find your locker and loads more information you might need to know in order to not get lost on your first day.

2 – Enjoy initiation.

At most schools, they initiate you where you have to do some crazy and weird stuff. Although it may be tempting to be negative about your current situation or feel embarrassed, just remember that it isn’t just you. Everyone is most likely feeling the same. My best advice is to you is to enjoy this time. You will only experience this once and never again. You may look a bit silly but take comfort that all your friends look just as silly as you and that all the other learners even the seniors were once where you stand.

3 – Make new friends.

Never be afraid to make new friends. People usually feel that they should stick with their old friends, the three amigos is what we always called ourselfes. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But there’s also nothing wrong with making new ones. I always say the more the merrier, and even though it may sound cliche it’s still very, very true. Having a whole group of friends is always better than having just one friend, and at the start of initiation is the perfect timing. There are a lot of new people and new opportunities, so why not seize the moment and make some new friends.

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