How to Survive High School #02

Part two on the basics on how to survive high school. If you haven’t seen my first article I suggest you go read that first. *Disclaimer* if you have superpowers or are a superhero this post is mostly irrelevant, but if you are just normal human being I suggest you keep reading…

3 – Make friends of the opposite sex.

How to Survive High School

This tip connects with my last tip of making new friends. It is most common today that many people believe it is strange to have friends of the opposite sex. That is the worst mistake that can be made. Having friends of the opposite sex can change everything for the better. People need to break away from the opinion that when a boy and a girl are friends it means that they are dating or may like each other. There’s nothing wrong with that but there’s also nothing wrong with just being friends and having fun. So I ask you to just break away from that idea and just give making a new friend a try. (Boy or Girl)

4 – Use your locker to your advantage.

How to Survive High School

This is one of the most important things about high school. I cannot stress how important this is. People often purchase or receive a locker but forget or never get to actually using it. Trust me a locker can help you much more than you believe. If you plan it right and find time to switch your books it can make the worlds difference.

5 – Use DIY tutorials to your advantage.

How to Survive High School

It can be easy to see checking your planner or packing you locker as a struggle. I understand this totally as I never and I mean NEVER used to do any of these things as I was either never in the mood or just never could find time to do this, until I started DIY decorating my locker and planner. Since then it’s been so much fun checking it that I always check it daily and packing my locker doesn’t even feel like a struggle anymore. So trust me this really works.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more how to survive high school tips on my blog and remember to follow my socials 🙂

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