Kaizen –

Continuous improvement.

Today’s topic of our Daily Dose of Inspiration is going to be about the word kaizen. It’s hard to imagine that one word can hold such meaning. It is a Japanese word used to describe continues growth.

There are 5 main foundation elements:

  • Teamwork.
  • Personal discipline.
  • Improved morale.
  • Quality circles.
  • Suggestions for improvement.

So now that we know the meaning of kaizen I challenge you to try to improve, and you’re probably wondering what I mean by “Improve”. Well I know sometimes being the best is hard and being perfect is almost impossible. Just remember the goal is to constantly improve in whatever we do so I challenge you to try your best at everything you do. Even if it’s not perfect TRY to make it BETTER and BETTER each time and you WILL get there!

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