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Hi, I'm Jade. I have been stealing oxygen since '05. I love writing and making content. Follow me on my socials and be sure to check out my youtube channel at Jade's Journal.
About my blog

About my blog!!!

Hey Guys, Jade Here. Today’s post is gonna be about my blog! So today I decided to post this about my blog, because my first official video is coming up soon on my Youtube Channel! This post is gonna be to tell you guys about all the things that I will be not only blogging […]


#05 | Daily Dose of Inspiration | Success

Put your heart, mind and soul into even the smallest acts, this is the secret to success! Success | Hey guys, Jade here Today I’m here to remind you all that success isn’t a destination it’s a journey. To achieve it you need to work hard, stay focused and never give up. I know it’s […]


#04 | Daily Dose of Inspiration | Friendship

Hey Guys, Jade Here today’s Inspiration is about Friendship – Laws of our Friendship – 1 Million, Memories 10 thousand, Inside Jokes 1 Hundred, Shared Secrets 1 Reason, Best Friends Today I’m here to remind you how important Friendship is. Everyone needs a friend to guide them through their darkest times. I for one can’t […]


#03 | Daily Dose of Inspiration | Relax

Hey Guys, Jade here Today I’m here to remind you that you should always make time to relax! As you all know it is finally that time of year, it’s the SCHOOL HOLIDAYS! This is the time when most kids are thankful for being a child. Unlike the adults we get Holidays more than once […]

Have Hope

#02 | Daily Dose of Inspiration | Have Hope

Hey Guys, Jade here Today’s message of Inspiration is to tell you that even in your darkest days there will be a ray of sunlight and that you must always Have hope. I just want to let you know if your reading this that there is hope, just think about it even a star can’t […]

#01 | Daily Dose of Inspiration | Smile

#01 | Daily Dose of Inspiration | Smile

#01 | Daily Dose of Inspiration | Smile Hey Guys, Jade here on my Blog and today I’m writing this to tell you that even in the darkest days there is always a reason to smile These are just a few reasons that I guarantee will put a smile on your face: I’m sure that […]

All About Me

All About Me | Jade Kuhn

ALL ABOUT ME! All About Me – Hi I’m Jade and I’ve been stealing oxygen since ’05 I’m a new Blogger and my first ever Blog Post is All About Me. I am from South Africa, and NO there are no lions roaming the streets I live in the big city of Pretoria. Just like […]