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High School

NEW SERIES |How To Survive High School

High School: the place where you shape who you become I recently started attending a new high school and somehow I always assumed that books and movies overreacted with all the drama, but lately I realized that I was wrong. It’s the end of the first term and I’ve been thinking about everything that’s happened […]


New Facebook Page!

Hey Guys, today’s post is about my new facebook account. So this post is just going to be short and sweet letting you guys know where you can find my new facebook account. You can go find it by clicking HERE You can also go find a brand new page I created where you can […]

About my blog

About my blog!!!

Hey Guys, Jade Here. Today’s post is gonna be about my blog! So today I decided to post this about my blog, because my first official video is coming up soon on my Youtube Channel! This post is gonna be to tell you guys about all the things that I will be not only blogging […]