How to Keep Your Website Up to Date

Keeping your content relevant and up to date keeps clients interested.

By Jade Kühn · 2022/01/31

Website maintenance is a topic that is brought up frequently, especially when working with newer clients. Keeping your content relevant and up to date keeps clients interested and ensures that they keep coming back time and time again.

Physical shops constantly update their appearances to match the latest trends, holidays and events. The upkeep of your online business is no different. This also includes updating your products, prices and business values as they change and evolve along with your business.

In this post, we’ve rounded up the top five tips for keeping your website updated in 2022.

Do a Website Analytics Evaluation

When it comes to measuring your businesses success, website analytics can be a lifesaver. Details like what sales pages are performing best, which articles people are clicking on or where viewers are getting lost are all things to consider before making any significant changes to your website. This will help you pinpoint the weaknesses that your business needs to focus on and the strengths that may not be a priority at the moment.

Update the Media on Your Website

We connect new people, places and things to images. That means that when someone visits your website, the first thing they notice will likely be your photography. For most business startups, a professional photography shoot simply isn't on the agenda.

Having professional photography isn’t a must when starting out. In fact, there are plenty of great stock footage sites where you can find almost everything you need. But adding professional photography is something we greatly recommend when you have the funds to do it. It’s sure to add a more clean and professional look to your website.

Update Your Products

As your business evolves, so will the services and products you provide. Make time to re-evaluate your shop. How can you improve your services to draw in more customers? Or for products, what products are your best sellers? Are you promoting services you no longer provide? Are you showcasing your highest quality products to create the best impression on new clients? Asking these questions will help you ensure the information potential clients see first when they visit your page is accurate and up to date.

Hire a Copywriter

The content of your website is just as important as the page design. You can have an incredible website design, but your page won’t market well with mediocre content. If you think about your all-time favorite websites, you might find they have captivating photography, but combined with that, you’ll find that their content is on-point. You can be an expert at what you do but fail to make any sales if your website doesn’t communicate effectively with your market. So it may be time to invest in a copywriter if your budget allows it.

Keep It Simple

In this day and age, people are spending less time reading lengthy paragraphs and more time quickly scrolling through your pages to absorb whatever information they need fast as possible. While you want to give people the most information to make an informed choice, you also want to provide clear directions.

In the end, you have a simple goal you want to achieve through your website. You want people to contact you, join your database, and buy your service/product. In how few steps can you accomplish that goal? If you find anything extra, remove it, or transfer it to a separate page for people who want more information. This will simplify the process for clients who wish to buy a product without all the extra reading material.

Get a Full Website Redesign

If these aren’t enough and you still aren’t satisfied with your website, it might be time to consider a complete redesign. While this option can be costly, it is definitely worth it. We love working with new businesses that have an idea of what their online site might be missing. Click here to take a look at our website design packages or see what contact us for a custom quote.


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We believe every business has a unique story to tell.


We provide all the resources you need...

We believe every business has a unique story to tell.