Increase Productivity With a Weekly Review

Optimize your time and get the most out of your week.

By Jade Kühn · 2022/01/10

If there's one thing you should do every week, it's a productivity review. This is when I take a look at all the happenings of the week. I take some time to list all the ups, downs, the successes and the failures on a spreadsheet. I can highly recommend getting into the habit of doing a weekly review as soon as possible.

Why You Should Do a Weekly Review

Sitting down and evaluating the past seven days will make every Sunday feel like January 1st - full of inspiration and brand new possibilities. In total, this gives you 52 chances to start fresh before the real January 1st comes along. This is a great way to give your mind and life a reset so you can start every week with a blank slate.

It also boosts your self-awareness so you can start to recognize the habits and patterns that are not serving your or your dreams. Doing this review will give you clarity for the new week and hold you accountable for the previous one. Convinced that this is a great habit yet?

When To Do a Weekly Review

I would personally suggest Sundays because by then your week is mostly over and you won't have to deal with your other 9-5 obligations which means you should be able to squeeze in an hour of self-reflection.

Make sure to do it in the morning while your mind is still fresh and buzzing with ideas. Aim to make your weekly review a habit and be consistent with it. It might take a while to get into the process and get the hang of it so the first few reviews may take a little bit longer.

Clear Your Mind

Take a piece of paper (or word document) and get it all out. Write down all the to-do's and thoughts that have been preoccupying your mind. The last thing you want is to enter the new week being overwhelmed and stressed. We're aiming for a clean slate so go ahead and declutter your brain.

Ask Yourself Questions

- What did I spend too much time on this week?

- Did I take actionable steps toward my dreams?

- Are there any unresolved issues?

- What went well last week?

- How could I have made it better?

- What isn't working? How can I fix it?

- What do I need to schedule for next week?

- What have I procrastinated on?

- How can I set this week up for success?

These answers will give you a clearer idea of how you need to plan out your next week.

Do the Little Things

Are there any small tasks that take between 2-6 minutes? Do them now. These are minor things that you can get out of the way before the week starts. If you leave them for the next week, they'll only end up taking away your attention from the more important tasks which will, in turn, waste your time.

Take a Look at Your Calendar

Make sure you're spending your time efficiently. Check that you're appointments and social activities are still on. Make time and schedule in the items on your to-do list that you didn't get to last week.

Check-In With Your Goals

Ask yourself:

- What have I done this week to further my goals?

- Are my actions in line with my dreams?

- What can I do this upcoming week to work towards my dreams?

Your daily actions should reflect your dreams and values. Make sure you're still on the right track, and if not figure out what you need to do to change direction.

Plan Next Week

Make a list of the upcoming tasks you need to complete. Prioritize them and start filling your schedule with the most important things first. After you've made time for the essentials start blocking out some time for the other items on your to-do list. Planning out your week helps you start Monday with the purpose and dedication that will turn your dreams into reality.

Celebrate Your Victories

Your final step is to acknowledge the wins of the previous week. Whether your win is big or small, never lose sight of the progress you're making. It's so easy to get overwhelmed by all the things going on around us, especially when you're focused on the bigger picture. Sometimes we forget to appreciate the journey.


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We believe every business has a unique story to tell.


We provide all the resources you need...

We believe every business has a unique story to tell.