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NEW SERIES |How To Survive High School

High School: the place where you shape who you become I recently started attending a new high school and somehow I always assumed that books and movies overreacted with all the drama, but lately I realized that I was wrong. It’s the end of the first term and I’ve been thinking about everything that’s happened […]

How to Survive High School

How to Survive High School #02

Part two on the basics on how to survive high school. If you haven’t seen my first article I suggest you go read that first. *Disclaimer* if you have superpowers or are a superhero this post is mostly irrelevant, but if you are just normal human being I suggest you keep reading… 3 – Make […]

How to Survive High School

How to Survive High School #01

Superpowers. Naturally, the easiest way to survive high school would be to gain supernatural abilities beyond those of mortal beings… But for those of us who aren’t superheroes, here are some tips on how to survive high school the boring (human) way. ] 1 – Don’t skip the freshman orientation. Even though it may be easy to […]