Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Designer

Help your designer create your website exactly as you wanted it.

By Jade Kühn · 2022/01/17

Pick the Right Website Package

We've come up with some helpful questions to ask your designer to ensure you receive the website package that perfectly fits your business.

Understanding the process is crucial when working with a designer. Things can get lost in translation easily when you don't know the right questions to ask, so take note of these tips and make sure your website is as impressive as you envisioned it.

1. What Platform Do They Use?

Most designers specialize in a specific website platform. For example, we mainly design on WordPress. Depending on your website's goal, some platforms will be better and more affordable than others. Knowing what platform your designer prefers to work on can be incredibly beneficial when you're working out a budget for your design project.

2. What's Included in the Package?

It might seem like an unnecessary question, but knowing exactly what is included in your website package is so important. How many pages? What functionality? Forms? Blog Posts or Portfolios? Copywriting? Revisions? SEO? You should keep all of these functions in mind when choosing the right package with your designer. Changing or adding to your package during the design process can significantly slow down your project, so make sure the package you choose includes everything you need.

3. Are Their Platforms and Themes Ecommerce Compatible?

Setting up eCommerce can turn out to be a tricky and headache-inducing process. You don't want to set up and design your whole website only to find out the design platform and theme you're using isn't compatible with eCommerce. Even if you aren't looking to set up an eCommerce shop right now, take the extra time to double-check your compatibility. If you ever change your mind, you'll be thanking yourself immensely.

4. What is Their Website Design Process?

Just like your business, every designer is unique. If you've worked with multiple designers before, you know that each and every one of them has their own way of doing things, and they're all convinced their way is best. In the end, there is no perfect process to follow. Each designer has a method that works best for them. Knowing your designer's strategy will give you a clearer indication of what you should have prepared before the project begins.

5. What is the Average Scope of Their Projects?

It often shocks clients when they find out how long a design project can take. Having an idea of what to expect regarding the timeline of your project will help both you and your designer set clear deadlines and encourage accountability. This will also help you establish a definite website launch date with your designer. This strongly depends on the number of clients the designer decides to take at once.

6. How Many Rounds of Edits and Revisions are Available?

This one depends entirely on the designer. Knowing how many revisions your designer is offering will help you maximize those revisions to get the most value from them whilst ensuring that your website is as impressive as you imagined it.

7. What Hosting Platform Do You Recommend?

Picking the right hosting company is essential for starting an excellent online business. Not all hosting companies offer the same packages. In the end, you should look for the hosting company that best fits your needs, but asking your designer what they recommend is always a plus. Firstly, it means that the designer likely knows the ins and outs of this company's platform and will be able to help you if you get stuck, but at the very least, you have another great option to choose from.

8. What is Their Payment Process?

Establishing the total price of the project and its due date will help you budget accordingly and make sure you avoid any awkward money conversations down the road. As always, it's better to be clear and make sure there's no confusion later on in the project.

9. Are There Any Additional Expenses?

Make sure you're aware of any additional payments that might pop up along the way. Sometimes, you may need third-party licenses or premium plugins for specific functionalities. Other examples that may add extra expenses are premium stock footage, motion graphics, mockups etc. Knowing about these possibilities will help you budget and plan for them before the start of the project.

10. Do These Packages Include Post-Launch Support?

Not all website packages include post-launch technical support. Clarify this with your designer before the project to avoid any unnecessary confusion. If your designer does not provide this, ensure that you know how to contact your hosting company or someone else who can help you with post-launch maintenance and figuring out your website backend.

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We believe every business has a unique story to tell.


We provide all the resources you need...

We believe every business has a unique story to tell.