Top 5 Personal Development Books That Will Change Your Life

2020/06/14 • BY JADE

I first got into personal development when I started doing The Wealth Creators Method Mentoring course by Dr Hannes Dreyer.

Soon after, I read his book on Power Goals, and I was hooked.

Every new insight I gained and every limiting belief I destroyed felt incredible.

I’ve always enjoyed reading, and in my opinion, it is one of the best ways to learn and grow continuously.

With that in mind, in today’s article, I’ll be sharing with you 5 of the best personal development books that will change your life.

Failing Forward - Turning Mistakes Into Stepping Stones For Success

The author – John C. Maxwell

In this book, you will learn that failure is only a stepping stone to success.

Maxwell provides you with practical ways to turn your mistakes into stepping stones.

He teaches that the way you respond to failure is what makes the difference between an average person and a person who achieves greatness.

The 5 Second Rule

The author – Mel Robbins

The 5 Second Rule has an easy yet effective approach to changing your life.

This book explains how there are things that you aren’t going to want to do in life, but if you don’t give yourself time to think of an excuse and just do it, you will be able to create a tremendous amount of change in only five seconds.

Everything Is Figureoutable

The author – Marie Forleo

We often face hardships and challenges in life.

Most times, we resort to pitying ourselves and blaming others or worse, we simply give up. In this book, Forleo explains how everything is figureoutable.

We cannot control everything that happens to us, but we can control the way we respond to it.

What truly makes this such a powerful book is how Forleo explains just how figureoutable everything really is with personal experiences and stories from her readers.

The ONE Thing

The Author – Gary Keller

Have you ever felt like you have a hundred things to do and no idea when or where to start?

That’s where Gary Keller’s book The ONE Thing comes in.

Keller teaches how the objective is to find the one thing on your to-do list that will make the rest of the items either easier or unnecessary.

Once you have found that one thing, give it your undivided attention until it’s complete then move on to the next item on your list.

Think And Grow Rich

The Author – Napolean Hill

Think and Grow Rich is an absolute classic and is considered by many the best personal development book ever published.

Hill gives many examples of individuals who have changed their mindsets, overcome obstacles and achieved success all because they developed a growth and rich mindset.

Before You Go

Have you read any of these books before?

If so, which one was your favorite and what other personal development books would you recommend?

Thank you for reading this post. I sincerely hope you enjoyed it.

Now off you go to find a book for your personal development journey.

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