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Reach your clients all over the world!

In this day and age almost everyone uses technology to engage with their favorite brands.

Technology is ever changing and expanding and all these new innovations force business owners all over the world to rethink the way they connect with their customers.

It places emphasis on the importance of virtual communication with our clients therefore a website is an essential for any new business.

What does this package include?





All Website Projects Include:

Starting at $400

Three video calls to strategize and organize your new website with your website designer.

Custom content questionnaires for each page of your website, organized with specific questions to help collect all of the most important information.

This includes your Home, About and Contact pages as well as three additional pages for whatever your business needs; Service pages, Resources, FAQs, Testimonials, additional Forms or Questionnaires, etc.

To be used for a website Privacy Policy, Terms of Service or Terms and Conditions for your business, or any other important legal disclaimer for your industry.

Custom Portfolio Gallery with up to 10 unique galleries for individual projects or case studies.

Custom contact form designed for your business in order to collect the most important information beyond just their name, email, and message.

All websites are completely responsive across all devices, ensuring that your clients’ online experience is consistent no matter how they view your site.

We will connect and integrate any external social media feeds that you use for your business in order to streamline your online growth.

I will be available for unlimited phone or video calls throughout your project’s timeline, to meet and walk through each phase as needed to provide you with all the support you need.

We will be available for 48 hours post the live-launch of your website to provide additional support through the launch process and to help you get acquainted with your new platform.

If the package above doesn't suit your current website design needs we also offer the chance to create a custom website package. If you can dream it we can make it happen!

Additional Website Design Add-ons Available:

One-on-one live video teaching session with your developer after the launch of your website to make sure you are confident about going in and working with your new WordPress website.

These are critical for the security of any data transfers, credit card transactions, logins or other personal user information that may occur on your website.

We will setup a custom eCommerce interface for you to sell your digital goods on. We only setup eCommerce with digital goods and not real life products.

We also offer other add-ons such as Additional Pages, Additional Custom Forms or Questionnaires, Additional Portfolio Galleries and much more.

Why Our Process Works

By making your service accessible from all over the world you’ll open up your business to exponential growth opportunities, increase conversions, and elevate brand loyalty.

Your business’s success is no longer bound by your physical location. We create innovative digital experiences that will transform the way you engage with your clients.

All website design projects take between 4 to 8 weeks to complete depending entirely on the amount of content the client has as well as the clients' schedule. If the client is on a tight schedule it can be arranged to be done faster for an extra fee.

Website Design FAQs

How much access will I have during the build?

You will be able to track and follow along with each and every step of your new website’s build. We also allow you to view your site, real-time, on any an all mobile devices so that you get the most accurate idea of exactly what your clients will experience when on your site.

What if I need a more custom website package?

While we begin with the most basic package, you are always welcome to select any add-ons. If there are any requirements you have that are not included in the options above, you can simply specify them and we'll create a custom package for you.

What additional costs might come up during a project?

We work to be as transparent as possible during our builds so that there are no additional charges or surprise fees. The only additional costs that might come up would be any licensing fees for special plugins, artwork, or media, as well as any additional design time beyond your contracted timeframe. We try to provide both free and paid options before incurring any additional fees on top of a project total.

How many edits/revisions do I get?

As we build on your site, you have constant access to your site and therefore can make faster and more confident edits and changes. Because of this feature, we don’t have a limit on edits on your website projects. We encourage you to send any and all edits, questions, or changes as they come to you so that we can make updates as quickly as possible and you can reflect on those changes.

What happens after the website is launched?

With education being one of our top goals, you will have the option to host what we call a “teaching session” during your launch week, where you will have a one-on-one live video teaching session with your developer. However if you do not wish to purchase this add-on, you will have to learn the interface on your own.

Who is responsible for the website’s content? for example: images, text, media, etc…

Our projects are an incredibly collaborative experience. While we assist you with the design of the website such as the images, you will have to provide the content. We have a series of questionnaires for you to fill out in detail so that while we will polish everything up, it always sounds, looks, and feels just like you. You also have the option to work with us on branding.

Other than the website itself, what else comes with a website project?

With our goal to provide you with the most support and confidence in running your own website post-launch, any custom design graphics or templates used in your site’s design will be included via email post-launch.

What is your payment process?

All Website Design projects are broken down into three installments: ⅓ upfront upon booking, ⅓ by the start date of your project, and ⅓ at the end of the project, just before launch. All payments are due in full before the website is launched.

What about hosting?

You will have to purchase your domain and set up your hosting beforehand. This is not part of our package and therefore it is your responsibility to get this ready before we start with the project.

Overall, what is expected of me as a client?

While each website project will have a specific list of client responsibilities, the number one expectation we have for our clients is their investment in the project. Once we begin your project, we ask that you be sure that you are available and accessible for edits, revisions and feedback.

How soon should I book with you?

As we only take on 1 to 2 projects per month, we often book our projects out between 2-4 months out. So the sooner the better in order to get the most ideal spot in our schedule.

What should I have prepared before we begin my website?

Every website is custom. We will give you a detailed list of all specific items needed for your project during our strategy sessions.


Not at this time. We only offer full rebrands, complete site builds, or redesigns. However, we do offer separate, stand-alone projects to existing clients that have previously completed a brand and/or website with us.


"Jade is website design genius! She is totally professional, knows what she is doing and has a wonderful “can do” attitude. She achieved things that two other website designers told me cannot be done!

She works fast – I had my job cut out for me to keep up with her, so much so that I started calling her speedster. Added to that, it is an absolute pleasure to work with Jade – she goes the extra mile and solves problems without batting an eyelid.

If you are a bit of a technophobe like me, Jade really helps to take the pain out of building a website. I am delighted to recommend Jade to anyone for website design – you couldn’t ask for better.

If you’d like to see the miracles she performed, you’re welcome to check out my website: www.delightmethod.com"


The Process


Strategy Session

We’ll research your audience, and create a well-informed plan of action in the form of a website project proposal. After that we will have 3 content strategy sessions where we will establish the finer details of the project and discuss any further questions.



We'll work together to design an interactive layout that uniquely fits your brand identity. All website design projects take between 3 – 6 weeks to complete (completely dependent upon client response time and project scope).



You are allowed unlimited revisions within 48 Hours of the project end date. You also have the option to invest in a post-project teaching session where we take you through the interface so you know exactly how to manage it in the future.

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