Why Blogging Is Perfect For Introverts

2020/06/28 • BY JADE

Why Blogging Is Perfect For Introverts

You’re a true dreamer, but you’d rather spend your nights at home.

You prefer quality over quantity and when it comes to socializing you need to recharge your batteries every once and a while.

Does this sound familiar? 👇

The truth is many successful bloggers are introverts.

Just because you’re quiet doesn’t mean you can’t achieve amazing things!

Introverts are more times than not the most intuitive and creative people you’ll ever meet.

If you’re an introvert, starting an online business is a dream come true.

Why Blogging?

Blogging is the perfect profession for introverts because it not only boosts confidence but also gives you the freedom to decide how you manage your time. In other words:

No boss – once you go full time you become your own boss

No colleagues – unless you hire a virtual assistant at some point

You can work from home and ultimately everything is up to you.

You have enough time and space to write and impact your audience all while starting your own online business.

That’s the dream isn’t it?

For introverts, especially blogging is an excellent opportunity to share your ideas.

It doesn’t carry the anxiety that speaking on stage in front of a crowd does and it lets you share your message from the comfort of your own home.

There's No Pressure

Your blog is an outlet for you to share, teach and learn.

It comes with no social pressure and still lets you make a difference in the world.

The amount of people you can reach is endless.

Make Friends With Other Online Creators

There are other introverted bloggers out there just like you, and you often get the chance to build valuable online connections.

These friendships will help you connect with like-minded people who share your vision.

Through your blog, you can make friends that you otherwise wouldn’t have made.

Let Your Uniqueness Shine

While the online world can provide you with many opportunities, the biggest benefit, in my opinion, is that you get to be 100% you.

You can be the best and most amazingly unique version of yourself.

You can speak your mind (or rather write) and share your advice with others.

Put Yourself Out There

At some point in time, I considered starting my blog anonymously. Why?

I was scared. I didn’t want my friends, family and classmates to know about my blog.

In the end, what made me decide to start my blog as myself was the fact that I cannot change people’s opinions of me.

In my post, How Not To Care What People Think, I dive deeper into this topic.

You cannot please everyone. It’s simply impossible.

One of the parts of blogging is learning to accept the fact that not everyone will agree with you.

People’s opinions differ, and that’s okay.

But you should never let other people’s opinions of you stop you from chasing your dreams.

Before you go

Remember you’ve got this!

No one is an expert overnight. Everyone has to start somewhere.

If I can do it, so can you.

I believe in you.

The only thing stopping you is your mindset, so change it.

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